Homeschool Supplies On A Budget

budget homeschool homeschool supplies Dec 20, 2022

When we first started homeschooling 10 years ago I was working on a tight budget and homeschooling 5 kids.

Sometimes all you have are the basics. That’s okay! Start there.
I knew that my inventory would gradually grow over time, but I was working with 5 lead pads, an English curriculum, a science curriculum, and the supplies they had in their bags. It was the end of the year and 3 of my children came home anxious about testing. I wasn’t prepared for the decision to take them out of public school, but I knew that I had a responsibility to enable success. To me, that meant more than them being another statistic in the system; a system that is designed to create employees, not entrepreneurs.

Homeschooling on a budget looks a lot like the supplies we buy for public schools.

Here is a great place to start on a low budget:

Lined Paper – is essential



Washable Watercolors


Pocket Folders


Construction Paper

Printer Paper


Expo Markers

Washable Marker

Pencil Sharpener

Desktop Storage

Large White Board

Small Lined White Board

Stapler & Staples

Desk & Chair

3-Ring Binder

Note Cards





Composition Notebooks



Poster Calendar

Pipe Cleaners

As we learn and grow in our homeschooling journey we are able to expand our inventory. These can be donations, sales that we find, or thrift stores where we can buy gently used items. I have compiled a small list of items on Amazon, but these items can also be found in other stores.


Hole Punch

Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener


Printer & Ink

Globe or Map

Geometry Kit

Storage Bins

Set up a space designed for your child’s interests and tastes.




Small Area Rug

Storage Bins


Fraction Math Manipulatives

Math Cube Manipulatives

Osmo Coding Starter Kit


Bean Bag

If you have anything to add to the list that has helped you on your journey please add a comment below!

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